• Memory Adventure

    Memory AdventureJake and Jade are out on a quest to return to their pirate ship. Your child can help Jake or Jade get there with a memory adventure!

    Fifteen levels of memory building fun! Find the fruit in the chest that Oliver is seeking. The game becomes more difficult as your child progresses. There are also three skill levels to choose from so as your child's memory builds, they can skip the easier sections.


  • Winter Holiday Slots

    Winter Holiday SlotsCome to the Golden Royal Casino for the holidays! The Casino has decked the halls with holiday decorations and five Winter Holiday themed slot machines, each with its own Minigame. Which will be your favorite? Earn 20 in-game awards.

    Coming Soon



  • Legends & Lore

    Memory AdventureAn Action Adventure RPG.

    Coming Soon



  • Forza Infernis

    Memory AdventureBrimstone and the Borderhounds train to win and now you can help them! Based on the characters from the popular comics, Forza Infernis features arena style one-on-one battles between the Borderhounds and their enemies in an extraordinary 3D experience. Experience the excitement of the first issue in Story Mode. Each chapter of Story Mode features story right from the comic. A whole new way to relive the comic for fans, or become a fan from playing! Just looking for a fight? Versus mode is perfect for just that. Individual fights where you choose the fighters and arenas. Relive epic battles or create fights that would not exist in the Borderhounds world.

    * Seven arenas to battle in. Fully 3D.

    * Eight of your favorite characters.Each with power moves launched through combos.

    * Pick your battles in Versus mode or follow the comic in the epic story mode.

    * Forza Infernis rocks with tunes from Zo2.

    Coming Soon

  • Zombie Turkey Outbreak

    Driven mad after losing his farm to foreclosure, local turkey farmer J. Snydles plots his revenge on an unsuspecting town. Using steroids, toxic waste, and a small amount of energy drink, Snydles concocts a brew that turns his turkeys into mindless minions. On the brink of panic, returning war hero Bret Star must save his town before it's too late. Zombie Turkeys Must Die!!

    Coming Soon!


  • Great games from Star Gaming Network will be available as Universal Windows Apps. Universal Windows Apps can be played on any Windows 10 device. Note that not all titles are available on every Windows 10 Device.

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    Many of our current hits will soon be available on your Apple Mac Computer. Keep watching here to find out when your favorite will be available.

    Each has enhanced graphics and sound. New, never before seen levels are available.